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Richmond, VA, May 11, 2010

Spruance Plant Achieves Significant Environmental Milestones

On May 11th, the Spruance plant (Richmond, Va.) achieved 1,000 days with “0” Category B Environmental incidents.  The previous record set for Category B Environmental incident free days was 389.  In addition, Spruance has achieved over 5,400 days with “0” Category A Environmental incidents.

These milestones are particularly significant since the Spruance Site is home to 5 businesses: Kevlar®, Mylar®, Nomex®, Tyvek® and Zytel® and is currently DuPont's largest manufacturing site in terms of both employment and capital investment.

Also, this year marks the 10th year Spruance has maintained its eligibility in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program.  This program is administered by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  Spruance has reached the highest membership level in this program which is referred to as “E4” or Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise.

The “E4” level is for a facility with both a fully-implemented environmental management system (that has been verified by a third party) that has committed to measures for continuous and sustainable environmental progress and community involvement. Participants at any level of the program must have a record of sustained compliance.

“We are proud of our team at Spruance and the continual improvements being made with regards to our environmental performance and achievements. We place a very high value on environmental stewardship and sustainability and we consider these as key core values,” said Joe Internicola, Plant Manager, DuPont Spruance Plant.