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Lexington, VA, July 7, 2011

Spruance Attains Environmental Excellence Award

This site receives a prestigious award for an innovative project.

The Spruance site in Richmond, Va. (U.S.), recently was awarded the prestigious Virginia Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award during a ceremony at the 22nd Environmental Virginia Symposium at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va.

Spruance received the award for an innovative project in which a major waste stream was successfully reduced by approximately 400,000 pounds per year. The project consisted of identifying and working closely with a reclamation facility that could process a major Kevlar® manufacturing waste stream effectively.

Reductions in waste disposal and transportation costs from this project have resulted in a savings to the Kevlar® business of approximately $75,000 per year. In addition, the Kevlar® business has gained a revenue source of $125,000 per year for the value of the reclaimed solvent. The significant transportation mileage reduction has netted a reduction in greenhouse gases and hazardous combustion byproducts. Additionally, about 400,000 pounds per year of a usable product now has been made available.

Accepting the Virginia Governor's Environmental Excellence Award on behalf of the site were (left to right) Joe Loschiavo, environmental manager; Marianne Addison, Kevlar® unit manager; Charles Bigby, Kevlar® environmental project manager; and George Harris, senior environmental consultant. 


According to Charles Bigby, project manager, approximately 65% of this material, a widely-used organic solvent, now is being reclaimed and sold as a product.

“The remainder of this former waste stream also is being utilized for fuel blending for firing a commercial kiln," Charles said. "The ash produced led to the reclamation of a major portion of a Kevlar® manufacturing unit waste stream. This is a big win for environmental protection and energy conservation, as well as a source of revenue for our Kevlar® business."

The Spruance site continues to qualify as a member of the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program at the “E4” level (Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise).

Spruance is home to five DuPont businesses:

  • Kevlar® brand fiber
  • DuPont Teijin Films™ Mylar® films
  • Nomex® brand fiber
  • Tyvek® nonwoven technology
  • Zytel® nylon resin

Spruance currently is DuPont’s largest manufacturing site in terms of both employment and capital investment. Located on 550 acres on the James River, Spruance was constructed on the Ampthill plantation site in 1929 as a Rayon® facility.