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Richmond, VA, April 4, 2012

Tyvek® helping the community

For 57 years, DuPont has been making Tyvek®, but did you know that DuPont partners with A Greener Solution, a recycle management company, to donate Tyvek® to non-profit organizations?

“Tyvek® is shipped to A Greener Solution when it becomes waste due to not meeting intended end-use requirements,” stated Wanita Hlavaty, Tyvek® Technical Manager.

“Churches and organizations such as the Masons mainly use it for table clothes. Schools and summer camps use it for art canvas. We had one organization that was using it to make kites. Sport organizations make banners,” says Sheree Hardin, Office Manger of A Greener Solution, “It’s pretty amazing how creative people can be.”

Recently, students from Tomahawk Middle School’s play cast of “Peter Pan and Wendy” sent Spruance a “thank you” letter; scraps of Tyvek® were used for props for the play.

To receive the Tyvek® from A Greener Solution, organizations must provide a letter of request on letterhead that confirms that it is a non-profit and the intended use of the donation.

Many of the organizations learn about the Tyvek® recycle program from word on mouth. On average, seven requests for Tyvek® per week with an increase around holidays.

“The majority of people that come here are extremely grateful for the donation. It is an excellent way of doing something positive for the community,” said Sheree.