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Richmond, VA, April 28, 2012

Spruance Employees Give Back to Community

Approximately 70 Spruance employees participated in Rebuilding Together’s National Rebuilding Day on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Two homes were selected in Richmond’s (VA) Eastview neighborhood in which employees rehabilitated homes for low-income and elderly residents.

Originally named “Christmas in April,” Rebuilding Together Richmond was founded in 1992. Emmett Smith, DPS Expert for Nomex® Maintenance, served as President of Rebuilding Together Richmond in 1997. He has continued to be an active participant in Rebuilding Together Richmond.

“The 1990’s and the new millennium experienced a depression in home ownership repair for elderly, disabled and needy people,” said Emmett. “[Rebuilding Together] was created to ensure that these people were able to live their life in a safe, dry and warm home.”

Since 1992, 800 homes have been rehabilitated through approximately $12.5 million of free skilled work labor and materials. Churches, neighborhoods and community service organizations refer homes to Rebuilding Together of Richmond. Individual homeowners may request services. To be considered, home owners must live in the neighborhood selected for rehabilitation, be at least 55 years old or disabled, and must have a household income under $25,000.

“I wanted to help others, but didn't realize the impact that we must have been having as a group until the city trash truck stopped to pick up the last load of the day,” said Spruance volunteer Tim Malone. “I was helping carry bundles of trash to the truck when the man from the back of the truck said, ‘Please let me take that from you. I can't thank you enough for what you’re doing to help us around here. It's so good what you're doing.’ The heartfelt nature of his comment really hit home when he shook my hand.”

Rebuilding Together Richmond repairs homes and revitalizes communities in the city of Richmond. Nationally, for more than 30 years, Rebuilding Together has provided extensive home rehabilitation and modification services to low income homeowners in need.

“We rebuild the homes and lives of the nation’s most vulnerable homeowners and families at no cost to those served. Our work extends beyond the four walls of a home to impact the health and vibrancy of entire communities,” said Emmett.