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Richmond, VA, May 19, 2012

Spruance Participates in Armed Forces Day

On May 19, Armed Forces Day, eight volunteers from the DuPont Spruance Plant participated in a “Welcome Home” Parade in downtown Richmond for military veterans, followed by a Veterans' Resource Fair held at the Carillon grounds in Byrd Park. The "Welcome Home" events were organized by the Richmond Council Navy League to honor our veterans and those currently serving our country.

Kicking off the day was a parade featuring more than 60 entries, including our own DuPont fire truck and several volunteers from our Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT). The parade began at the Historical Society and continued down Boulevard Avenue to the Carillion grounds in Byrd Park. Parade volunteers from the MERT team included: Ralph McGuire, Tim Sharpe, Charlene Spurlock, BJ Andrews, George Hopson, and Lee Hairston.

Our Spruance site sponsored a booth at the fair, which was organized to provide information on services, resources and employment opportunities available to veterans. The fair also featured several military displays. The Spruance Veterans Network volunteers Ken Blankenship of Kevlar® and Betty Mobley of Kevlar® Pulp interacted with veterans, military personnel, and family members, and distributed information about DuPont employment opportunities. Also, participating in the parade and sponsoring a booth in Resource Village was the Blue Star Families Richmond Chapter, an organization of mothers of active duty personnel that supports our troops. Faye Crenshaw of the Business Center and other chapter members turned out to give back to the military community.

Special thanks to all our Spruance volunteers who gave their time and commitment to this worthwhile cause. Thanks also to Ed Flanagan, Spruance Site Veteran’s Network chair, for helping to organize this worthwhile community outreach event.