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Richmond, VA, April 8, 2013

Spruance Plant Shows True Commitment to Zero

Employees at the DuPont Spruance Plant in Richmond, VA have reached a new site record of “100 safe days” injury-free work. This is the first time in the site’s 84-year history that employees have achieved this important safety milestone. The site’s previous record string of injury-free days was 96.

Employees also collectively achieved 1,000,000 safe working hours on March 18. “With more than 2,200 employees at our Spruance Plant, it really does take each one of us  every day… focused on every task… to stay injury-free,” said Plant Manager Joe Internicola.  “I want to congratulate ALL of you for making a difference and being Committed to Zero.”

The Spruance Plant has a safety campaign focused on being “Committed to Zero,” including a video promoting employees’ true feelings around why they are committed to zero.