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Kevlar® - Produced at Spruance since 1971, this para-aramid is, pound for pound, 5 times stronger than steel.  It is light weight and extremely strong as well as resistant to chemicals, water, punctures, tearing and flame.  Because of these unique properties, Kevlar® is used in a variety of industrial applications including body armor, cut-resistant gloves, high-pressure hoses, brake pads, tires, ropes and sporting goods.

In 1967, DuPont started production of Nomex® and Tyvek® at Spruance.   Nomex® was developed for applications that require dimensional stability and high heat resistance.  Available in fiber and paper form, Nomex® products are used in protective apparel, automotive hoses, electrical insulation aircraft parts and sporting goods.  Tyvek®, part of DuPont’s Non-Wovens business, is a high-tech polyethylene fabric used for security envelopes, protective apparel, sterile packaging, house wrap and printing applications. 

DuPont Teijin Films (DTF) at Spruance is the world’s premier producer of Mylar® polyester film.  This material is primarily used in food and household good packaging, as well as medical, electronics, and industrial applications. 

In 1997, DuPont Engineering Polymers built a continuous polymerization unit to produce Zytel® nylon resins.  In 2005, Engineering Polymers expanded the unit and installed a new continuous polymerization unit to produce Zytel® HTN products, a high temperature nylon for applications involving toxic chemicals, high humidity levels, and extreme temperature environments such as casings, pumps and automotive components.