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DuPontâ„¢ Stone Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I keep my stone clean?
We recommend using a cleaner specially formulated for natural stone. Improperly formulated cleaners, or those with acids (such as some porcelain or tile cleaners), may etch the surface of the stone. General purpose cleaning products can damage natural stone, or the sealer applied, so don’t select just any product on the shelf at the grocery store.  Make sure that you select a cleaner specially formulated for natural stone care.

Can I use your products designed for stone on my other surfaces?
We do not recommend our products to be used on anything other than their intended use.

Why does my granite stain?
Granite is like any other natural stone; it can be porous, and is absorbent to some degree. Stones that have more swirls or veins tend to be more porous and absorbent.  These swirls and veins show the movement of the stone's active molten history. Generally, granites with smaller crystals are more absorbent than granites that have large crystals.

Why does stone porosity differ by stone?
Stones have different porosity because of their mineral composition and geological formation.  The process by which the stones were formed, and where in the world they were formed, affects the porosity of the stone.
Why should I seal my natural stone?
A protected stone, or tile and grout, will be easier to clean and resist staining. Considering the investment, why wouldn't you provide the surface with the maximum protection possible?
How can I tell if my stone has already been sealed?
Apply a drop of water at least 1/2-inch in diameter to the top of the stone and let stand for at least 15 minutes. Cover with a glass to inhibit evaporation. If the stone did not darken then your stone is probably sealed against water-based stains. Testing for oil repellency is not as simple because if your stone is not sealed, you will have an oil stain.

Is one coat of sealer enough for natural stone?
When sealing a very dense stone, one coat will be sufficient. Most stones and grout will require two coats. A few of the more absorbent stones may need additional coats to be properly sealed.

How often do I need to seal my stone?
If you sealed your stone with DuPont™ Granite & Marble Countertop Sealer and have maintained it with DuPont™ Granite & Marble Countertop Cleaner your sealer should last up to 3-5 years. Use and ongoing maintenance greatly affect sealer durability. As a result, heavily used surfaces should be sealed annually for optimal protection.

I like the specific look and feel of my countertop.  Will treatment with the sealer change the look or feel of my countertop?
DuPont™ Granite & Marble Countertop Sealer provides maximum “natural look” protection. It creates an invisible barrier against water- and oil-based stains without darkening or changing the stone’s appearance.


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