DuPont™ Stone Care
Products to clean, protect, and enhance
granite countertops and other natural
stone in your home
Products to clean, protect and enhance natural stone surfaces


Clean. Protect. Enhance. Each product is specially formulated to help make caring for your stone easy. » More
Stone Care Tips & Information from DuPont™ Stone Care
Stone Care Tips & Information
FAQs, tips, a glossary—information you need to know to help you care for your natural stone. » More
News & Media Center
News & Media Center
Read the latest news, view videos, and learn about upcoming events. » More
Where to buy DuPont™ Stone Care products
Where to Buy
Buy DuPont™ Stone Care products online or find a retail store near you. » More
Customer Care for DuPont™ Stone Care products
Customer Care
Answers. Guidance. Useful nuggets. We have more than enough to share. And we’re here every business day. » More


Shop online to purchase DuPont™ Stone Care products that Protect, Enhance, and Clean your natural stone—or locate a retail store near you.

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