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Pamper your natural stone surfaces with DuPont™ Stone Care products. Each product is specially formulated to help make caring for your stone easy.

Protect with DuPont™ Stone Care Sealers


Even the hardest stone can soak up liquid like a sponge. Protect your natural stone and prevent stains with DuPont™ Stone Care Sealers. The advanced formulas provide maximum “natural look” protection for various surfaces, and help make cleaning a breeze.
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Clean with DuPont™ Stone Care Cleaners
Treated with care, the polished stone in your home can look like new for years to come. Keep spills from becoming stains with DuPont™ Stone Care Cleaners.  DuPont offers neutral, pH-balanced formulas that dissolve tough grease and grime, yet are gentle enough for everyday use.
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Enhance with DuPont™ Stone Care Enhancing products
Daily use and occasional spills can dull your beautiful stone surfaces. Restore the luster with DuPont™ Stone Care Enhancing products. The non-greasy formulas quickly return a brilliant shine to polished natural stone.
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The DuPont™ Stone Care product line complies with federal, state and local VOC regulatory requirements, and is packaged in containers with at least 25% post-consumer recycled material.