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How To Restore Ceramic Tile & Grout

Restoring Ceramic Tile & Grout to Look Like New

Do you have ugly stains on your bathroom ceramic tiles and grout from soap scum, hard water and efflorescence build-up? Follow these easy steps to bring your beautiful surfaces back to life.

Items needed
• Painter's tape, drop cloth or other masking material
• Acidic cleaner specially designed for ceramic tile and grout
• Tool to apply & remove cleaning solution (mop, towel or sponge)
• Tool to scrub with (scrub brush)
• Water

1) Always test in a small inconspicuous area to determine ease of use and desired results. This is particularly important when using a heavy duty, concentrated mixture.
2) Mask off and protect any metals, baseboards or adjacent areas to avoid splashing, dripping and overspray onto surfaces not intended to be cleaned.
3) If you’re using a concentrated cleaner, dilute according to product directions.
4) Apply cleaning solution with a clean mop, towel or sponge (depending on size of surface area).
5) Agitate with a scrub brush as needed.
6) Remove solution using a sponge or damp mop.
7) Rinse area well with clean water and wipe dry. Thoroughly rinse all metal surfaces with clean water.
8) Clean and rinse tools with water.
9) To prevent future staining, protect the grout with a grout sealer for ceramic and porcelain tiles.
10) Regularly clean surface with a neutral maintenance cleaner.

• Above instructions are for reference purposes only. Please follow label directions on back of actual product.
• Do not use acidic cleaners to clean acid-sensitive stone such as marble, limestone and travertine surfaces.