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DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional products are available for purchase through our Online Store.

For product-related information, including features and benefits, where to use, and available sizes and coverage, please visit the Products section of the website.

If you are interested in a particular product or specific product size that is not listed here, please contact a StoneTech® Professional Distributor in your area using our Store Locator.

You can also reach Customer Service by calling us toll-free in the U.S. at 1-877-STONETECH (786-6383), or contacting us electronically with any questions you might have.

 Product Container Size
 Products that Protect
 BulletProof® Sealer  Pint, Quart, Gallon
 BulletProof® and Revitalizer® Care Kit  Care Kit
 Heavy Duty Sealer  Pint, Quart, Gallon
 Heavy Duty Stone Sealer and Revitalizer® Care Kit  Care Kit
 Sealer  Quart, Gallon
 Natural Stone Countertop Sealer  24 oz Sprayer
 Grout Sealer  24 oz sprayer, Pint, Quart, Gallon
 Grout Release  Gallon
 Salt Water Resistant Sealer  Gallon
 Stain Protecting Grout Additive  27 oz, 67 oz
 Products that Clean
 Revitalizer® Cleaner and Protector  24 oz Sprayer, 35 Wipe Caniter, Gallon
 BulletProof® and Revitalizer® Care Kit  Care Kit
 Heavy Duty Stone Sealer and Revitalizer® Care Kit  Care Kit
 Stone & Tile Cleaner  24 oz Sprayer, Quart, Gallon
 KlenzAll™ Cleaner  24 oz sprayer, Quart, Gallon
 Restore™ Acidic Cleaner  Quart, Gallon
 Oil Stain Remover  3 oz, Pint
 Heavy Duty Coating Stripper  Quart, Gallon
 Epoxy Grout Haze Remover  Quart
 Soap Scum Remover  24 oz Sprayer
 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover  24 oz Sprayer
 Sanitizer  24 oz Sprayer
 Stainless Steel Cleaner  24 oz Sprayer
Products that Transform
 Polish  24 oz Sprayer
 Enhancer  Pint, Quart, Gallon
 Paver Sealer & Enhancer  Gallon
 High Gloss Finishing Sealer  Quart, Gallon
 Semi Gloss Finishing Sealer  Quart, Gallon
 Honing Powders  1.9 lb
 Polishing Powder  1.55 lb
 Shining Powder  1.5 lb

Product Performance Guarantee
For information regarding the Product Performance Guarantee, please click here.