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Frequently asked questions answered by our knowledgeable Technical Service team.


Can I use your products, designed for stone, on my other surfaces?
Where does stone come from?
Why does stone porosity differ by stone?
Why does the name of stone change from one store to the next, although the stone looks the same?


How can I tell if my stone has already been sealed?
How much time between coats of sealer?
How often do I need to seal my stone?
Is one coat of sealer enough for natural stone?
What is a sealer?
What is an impregnating sealer?
Why does my granite stain?
Why should I seal my natural stone?
Why should I seal my tile and grout?
Will my natural stone look glossy after sealing or enhancing?
Is it really necessary to seal stone outdoors? What do I need to protect against?
What type of sealers protect against stains on outdoor stone and what can withstand constant sun?

How do I keep my stone clean?
How can I clean mildew off of my grout in the shower? Is there preventative care?
How do I clean my just-installed, sealed stone countertops?
How do I remove the epoxy grout haze all over my stone tiles?
I put something down on my polished white marble table and it left a white ring mark on it. How can I clean this spot?
There's a hazy, grout-like residue smeared all over my just-installed ceramic tile floors. Can this be fixed?

Will my natural stone look glossy after sealing or enhancing?
How can I give my stone fireplace a wet, high-gloss look while being safe around the fireplace?