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Will my natural stone look glossy after sealing or enhancing?
No, unless you selected a topical, high gloss sealer. If properly applied, impregnating sealers will leave your surface looking natural. Enhancing sealers are designed to darken the stone while retaining the original polished, matte or honed look.

How can I give my stone fireplace a wet, high-gloss look while being safe around the fireplace?
We would like to introduce a couple of products - one product is the StoneTech® Professional High Gloss Finishing Sealer, which is a coating as well as a sealer. This product will give you the wet look you are looking for, plus the gloss. If you are just in search of a wet look, and not such a high gloss, we  have our StoneTech® Professional Enhancer Pro® Sealer. The enhancer is a sealer as well as an enhancer. It will give your stone the wet look with out the shine. Both products are safe around your fireplace once they have cured.

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