DuPont Home

Proven by Science

The building science experts at DuPont have revolutionized severe weather protection for the home with the DuPont™ StormRoom™, the  only in-home hurricane and tornado shelter reinforced with DuPont™ KEVLAR®. These specially reinforced walls form a virtually impenetrable barrier to protect families from flying debris during a tornado or a hurricane.

The DuPont™ StormRoom™ is specially designed to endure wind speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. Independent impact tests show that the DuPont™ StormRoom™ withstood repeated hits by building timbers fired at speeds equivalent to those experienced in Category 5 hurricanes and F5 tornados.  

There’s also the added comfort of knowing that the DuPont™ StormRoom™ is solidly anchored to concrete foundations with chemically-set anchors strong enough to help resist the wind uplift generated by the most powerful storms.

Meeting and Exceeding Safety Standards

The DuPont™ StormRoom™ with KEVLAR® meets FEMA national performance criteria for hurricane and tornado shelters.