DuPont Home

“The DuPont™ StormRoom™ was installed in my garage in mid-February of 2012 and I used it on March 1, 2012, during a tornado warning in DeKalb County. It was just me and my 18 year old son taking shelter. We were there for about 30 minutes. It was comfortable. I was able to follow the weather reports via IPad within the StormRoom™. It was nice to feel we were in a safe place.”  Russ Branch, Tucker, Georgia

“My StormRoom™ has been used 4 times – 5 people & 2 dogs. Have made cell calls and texts.  Family and friends came over — all feel very safe. We used it in the 2009 Carl Junction wind storm.  My wife could hear our trees falling all around.  Used cell phone to talk to neighbors. Was not scared inside the StormRoom™.”  Scott Rogers, Carl Junction, Missouri

“On May 23, 2011, the day after the EF-5 Joplin tornado, it rained 10 inches. That evening our weather radio alerted us that tornados were all around and 3 adults took shelter in our StormRoom™. It was comfortable, had cell phone signals, and our battery, hand-cranked radio worked just fine. It was reassuring to know that if we lost everything our lives would be spared!  We are so thankful for our StormRoom™, and for the peace of mind that we have!! Thank you!!!”  Gary Reed, Joplin, Missouri

“My Granddaughter was with me on May 22 when we had to rush into the StormRoom™. It sounded like it was taking my house from its foundation, and we were terrified but felt safe. This is the best investment I have ever made, knowing my precious grandbaby was safe. I wish my children all had one.  It brings so much peace when you feel your life is in such danger.”  Lela Henderson, Joplin, Missouri

“During the storm season of 2012, we took shelter in our daughter’s closet — the StormRoom™.  She was disabled in a tornado 4 years earlier. The peace of mind from feeling safe is immeasurable. We like the size of the room, and the fact that we can still use the internet and track the storm so we know it’s safe to exit.”  Jerry Prindle, Shoreview, Minnesota

“I was in the driveway waxing my car when my brother called me to tell me that Joplin was under a tornado warning. I immediately went inside to get my cat and we went into my StormRoom™. I could hear the tornado destroying my house, but my StormRoom™ didn’t flinch. It definitely saved my life.”  Diana Swenson, Joplin, Missouri

“I was in my StormRoom™ with my three dogs when the EF-5 tornado hit. I was watching the radar on my laptop from inside the StormRoom™ and was texting my girlfriend in another city. I didn’t think my house had been destroyed because it didn’t sound loud enough. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and my house was completely gone.”  J. M., Piedmont, Oklahoma