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Sulfur Technologies from DuPont

Sulfur Gas Recovery (SGR)

With DuPont SGR service, refinery customers have the option to transfer all or part of the requirement for sulfur gas processing, from refinery owned and operated Claus units to a DuPont owned and operated acid plant.  DuPont can build an SGR plant on-site or adjacent to your refinery, owned and operated by DuPont.

DuPont On-Site SAR & SGR — the Total Solution:
DuPont builds, owns, operates and maintains Sulfuric Acid Regeneration (SAR) and Sulfur Gas Recovery (SGR) units. Process design improvements make investments in new on-site acid plants a viable solution, and we make sure that operating philosophy and reliability are always consistent with refinery schedules.

Benefits to your refinery business:
• On-site spent acid regeneration and sulfur gas recovery facilities
• Cleaner, more effective sulfur acid gas recovery alternatives than classic Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs)
• Enhanced focus on core businesses for the refinery
• Improved operational flexibility
• Potential CAPEX reduction