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Sulfur Technologies from DuPont

Sulfuric Acid Regeneration (SAR)

DuPont provides SAR services for spent sulfuric acid, effectively regenerating it to commercial quality.

DuPont involvement in the industry dates back to the first commercial production of sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid regeneration is a core business for DuPont, evidenced by their investment globally in the business as well as the high growth rates experienced in many regions of the world.

In addition, DuPont brings approximately 75 years of experience in alkylation technology development and licensing with our STRATCO® group, the leading technology provider in sulfuric acid alkylation technology worldwide. The recent addition of BELCO®, a company known by the refining industry to provide superior air emission control technologies, applies yet another technology to the suite of solutions that are optimized for each refinery to help them achieve their objectives with a solution that is lower, or neutral, in cost to the refinery’s next best alternative.

Although DuPont has access to a vast array of internal technologies, the evaluation process leading to the best possible alternative solutions for the refinery extends to all commercially proven technologies which can be licensed and integrated with our offering — providing maximum benefits to refinery and community stake holders.

Identifying an acceptable solution requires close collaboration with refinery technical and environmental personnel. But, if a refiner chooses to work with DuPont, the onus to evaluate the technical capabilities and economics of each alternative solution is no longer a load on the refinery’s technical staff. This allows them to focus on existing hydrocarbon improvement projects. In addition, all permitting and construction activities are managed by DuPont.

Alkylation-Spent Sulfuric Acid Regeneration

DuPont’s largest spent sulfuric acid regeneration facility is located in Burnside, Louisiana. This spent sulfuric acid regeneration plant has been continuously upgraded since its construction in 1968. Strategically located in the heart of the Gulf Coast region on the Mississippi River, the facility can receive and ship acid via barge, rail car or tank truck. This provides our clients with the maximum logistical flexibility when servicing their spent acid regeneration needs. This plant has won numerous awards within DuPont, as well as within the community and state, for its safety and environmental record and has set records for operational up-time.

Our goal is to make the spent-sulfuric-acid to fresh-sulfuric-acid transaction "worry-free" for our customers.

Chemical-Spent Sulfuric Acid Regeneration

The Burnside Plant has the capability to regenerate chemical-spent sulfuric acids. DuPont can provide our customers with technical experts and logistical support to optimize their acid usage and minimize their logistical expenses thereby minimizing their overall acid cost.

On-Site Sulfuric Acid Regeneration Facilities

For refineries operating a sulfuric acid alkylation unit and requiring additional sulfur recovery capacity, DuPont offers unique on-site sulfuric acid regeneration and sulfur gas recovery offerings that provide cost effective, environmentally superior, and flexible alternatives to the classic refinery sulfur management system. DuPont will build, own, operate and maintain an on-site sulfuric acid plant that not only regenerates the refiner’s spent acid, but also recovers part or all of a refiner’s acid gas as sulfuric acid or other sulfur products. Such an offering compliments the refiner’s alkylation unit while either increasing or replacing a refiner’s existing sulfur recovery capacity and thereby avoid capital investment to construct one or more classic Claus-Tail Gas Units. These plants have environmental emissions that are superior to classic Claus-Tail Gas Units as well as better up-time capabilities.

DuPont owns, operates, and maintains an integrated on-site acid regeneration unit at the Delaware City Refinery which started up in September 2005. The Delaware City or Red Lion on-site SAR facility, not only provides the adjacent refinery with sulfur acid regeneration services, but also provides sulfur management services by recovering part of the refinery’s acid gas production as sulfuric acid.

DuPont has partnered with a refinery in El Paso, TX to build an on-site spent acid regeneration facility. This integrated on-site sulfuric acid regeneration-sulfur gas recovery (SAR/SGR) facility will be operational in the 4th quarter of 2007. Our Borderland Plant in El Paso, TX, will not only provide acid regeneration services, but will process all of the high strength sulfur bearing gases from the refinery, replacing the existing Claus-Tail Gas Units. This twin train facility will improve the flexibility, reliability and operations of the refinery while providing a significant reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions compared to their existing alternative.

DuPont has also partnered with a refinery in Bayway, NJ to build, own, operate and maintain an integrated on-site sulfuric acid regeneration-sulfur gas recovery (SAR/SGR) facility. This integrated on-site sulfuric acid regeneration-sulfur gas recovery (SAR/SGR) facility will be operational in the 4th quarter of 2007. The Bayway, NJ or Morses Mill plant not only will provide acid regeneration services for the refinery, but will also provide total sulfur management for the entire facility by processing all of the sulfur bearing gases from the refinery. The twin train SAR/SGR plant will provide a reliable, cost effective, environmentally superior alternative to the refinery’s alternative sulfur recovery options.

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