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Sulfur Services

Process Improvement
DuPont can work with sulfuric acid producers or consumers to improve the operations of their facilities.

Process Knowledge
We run some of the best sulfuric acid plants in the world, so we can work with you to help provide a richer understanding of your facilities, giving you the opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Operator Training
DuPont can provide both off-site and on-site training for your plant personnel. Training includes plant operations, materials and equipment selection, and safe storage and handling. We can customize the training to fit your plant’s needs.

Maintenance Programs
We have operated sulfuric acid plants since 1865, and in the process we’ve gained a lot of knowledge about proper plant maintenance. We operate some of the lowest-cost plants in the world and would be happy to evaluate your present maintenance program, or design a new one.

Product Stewardship
DuPont, as a founding member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), fully endorses the ACC’s Responsible Care® Management System requirements. We encourage customers to thoroughly review their safety management practices in the handling of sulfur trioxide and oleums. In support of product stewardship, we will assist customers in the design of unloading and handling facilities, as well as make recommendations for first aid, medical treatment, personnel protective equipment (PPE), spill mitigation, and materials of construction selection. For first-time sulfur trioxide/oleum users, DuPont should be contacted before site selection has been made and/or facilities have been designed or built. To ensure that DuPont sulfur trioxide/oleum is handled in a safe manner, our personnel may visit sites before making the first shipment.

Materials of Construction
We’ll answer questions regarding the correct materials of construction for facilities in sulfuric acid service. Materials selection is highly dependent on a number of variables, including acid strength, temperature, flow rates and possible contaminants.

Storage and Handling Facility Design
Over the years, DuPont has learned a thing or two about designing and constructing facilities for sulfuric acid service. We can work with you to optimize the design and construction of your storage and handling facilities. We aim to provide you with a high-value, low-cost, trouble-free facility.

Equipment Evaluations
At DuPont, we have all the latest knowledge in state-of-the-art facilities for sulfuric acid service. We’ll survey your facility and give you recommendations to improve efficiency and safety.

Safe Handling Training
DuPont has developed training packages for the safe handling of sulfuric acid products. We can provide on-site training, if desired.

Process Safety Management Assessments
Our consulting group, DuPont Safety Resources, can assist you with plant process safety management (PSM) assessments required by OSHA for oleums and SO3. We have engaged in PSM reviews at our plants sites for many years, and have gained a wealth of experience in this field.

Refinery Initiative
Many refineries have sulfuric acid alkylation units on-site. DuPont can work with you to optimize your alkylation operations. We are heavily involved in the Six-Sigma® methodology for process improvements and will operate existing sulfuric acid plants, or build new plants on or near your refinery.

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