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Expectations of Suppliers



Core values are critical as we operate in markets around the world.  These values - a commitment to safety, health and environmental stewardship; to integrity and high ethical standards; and to fair and respectful treatment of people - unite all of our 67,000 employees and businesses around the world.


Our core values are the foundation of our efforts to provide value to our stakeholders - our shareholders, our customers, our employees and our communities.


The Code of Conduct presents expectations regarding all of our core values. We urge suppliers to read and use the Code of Conduct. 


The DuPont Code of Conduct provides information:

•To guide employees so that their business conduct is consistent with the company's ethical standards.

•To improve the understanding of the company's ethical standards among customers, suppliers and others outside the company.


To learn more visit the DuPont Code of Conduct website.  Suppliers can find policies and related information relevant to Sourcing in the library section on this website.