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DuPont is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new website,, that allows our vendors to self service the retrieval of information regarding the overall status of their invoices with DuPont. This Website is password protected and will allow those who you provide access the ability to gather and verify information for your specific companies' invoices. We started processing data into the portal on November 10, 2008 so only data regarding invoices sent to DuPont after that date is available. We were not be able to load historical data due to technical constraints.


The information contained on this website includes:


What is the status of my invoice e.g. received, processing, held due to a discrepancy, returned?

If held due to discrepancy - why is it being held and who is the person to contact including their phone number to get resolution?

When will my invoice be paid?

What was the disbursement document number/date, payment method (check/EFT) and what invoices were paid with this disbursement document?


Please visit:

If you have not yet gained access to the please call one of the following numbers:

In the US: 877-468-5509 

In Europe: +34 985 12 47 00