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DuPont™ Surlyn®

For the right pin action and the right bowling center operating efficiency ... game after game ... the pin cover material of choice is DuPont™ Surlyn®.

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Application Description

Much like golf balls, bowling pins need to withstand incredible impacts. Against incoming bowling balls, against other pins, against lane sidewalls, and against the equipment behind the scenes that scoops the pins up and resets them onto the lane.
Unlike golf balls, bowling pins are not bought by the player, but by the bowling center operator. They're a business investment, meant to keep pins standing and keep consumers coming back. Durable, chip-free, steady-standing pins satisfy both the bowler and the lane operator, which is why manufacturers of pins all over the world rely on covers of Surlyn®.
Tough, impact-resistant bowling pin covers of Surlyn® are typically injection molded in two half-shells, which are then compressed onto preshaped wooden pins to meet exacting weight and other performance specifications set by the bowling world. DuPont works closely with leading manufacturers to optimize Surlyn® resins and support their use as the bowling industry continuously advances its designs and manufacturing techniques.