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Rexam Medical Packaging has the answer for products that require sterilization

The most widely used packaging medical devices and supplies that require sterilization

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Manufacturers of medical devices and supplies know that in the "reel" world of popular television shows like 'ER' and 'Chicago Hope,' having sterile props is not a big concern. But in the "real" world of physicians and surgeons, sterility is paramount, and Rexam Medical Packaging's INTEGRA® Form medical thermoforming films based on Surlyn® are the most widely used for packaging medical devices and supplies that require sterilization.

DuPont Surlyn® resins form the backbone of INTEGRA® Form films, providing the strength and formability required for packaging medical devices and supplies on thermoform fill and seal equipment. In fact, films based on Surlyn® have effectively replaced preform and rigid packaging, offering medical device manufacturers a cost reduction through a thermoform fill and seal system.

"The films based on Surlyn® provide superior machinability and outstanding formability for deep draw applications," said Jerry Bennish, business director, of Rexam Medical Packaging in Mundelein, Ill. Bennish also cited the strength and clarity of films based on Surlyn® , which ensures the integrity of the packaging and allows for visual identity of the contents.

"One of the most important benefits to our customers, though, is that the Surlyn® based films maintain properties when used in EtO, radiation and E-beam sterilization," concluded Bennish. Some of the products that use INTEGRA® Form medical thermoforming films based on Surlyn® are C, E, ESE and PeelForm Plus®.

Rexam Medical Packaging is a global manufacturer of pouches, bags, coated papers, films, foil laminates, DuPont Tyvek® die cut lidding and other packaging materials for the healthcare industry.

To learn how Rexam Medical Packaging can meet your needs for thermoformable films or for a sample, please call 1-800-424-6963, ext. 7207, or write: INTEGRA® Information, Rexam Medical Packaging, 1919 South Butterfield Road, Mundelein, IL 60060.

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