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NioB produces a Hollywood star

Surlyn® offers versatility, design freedom and new package shape and appearance options

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In the perfume industry, France has traditionally been home to the stars. Many of its brands and fragrances are well established leaders in style and consumer appeal.

But the latest star in the perfume industry was born not in Paris, but in Torrington, Connecticut, where French-based NioB Plastiques recently set up shop to extend their perfume packaging success to the North American market.

In Torrington, NioB is making star-shaped caps and other package components for "Fred Hayman's Hollywood™" perfume. The stars are injection molded of DuPont Surlyn® luxury molding resins. The faceted, crystal-clear caps of Surlyn® are assembled atop the new "Hollywood™" package, visually highlighting the star motif of the overall design.

"NioB's use of Surlyn® resins for perfume and cosmetics packaging began in France more than 10 years ago," says Eric Bigotte, who heads U. S.-based NioB, Ltd., LLC. "The material's outstanding clarity makes it an ideal candidate for glass replacement, often desired for weight and cost savings."

Among luxury packaging designers, Surlyn® offers more than just an alternative to traditional material. It also creates versatility, design freedom and new package shape and appearance options. Its glass-like clarity means that other colorations, such as translucent blues, easily can be achieved. Using in-mold finishes, companies such as NioB also have become experts at simulating frosted glass and other textures.

Says Bigotte, "Designers sketch what they want to see, and then we take it from there. Prototyping, tooling, molding and post-mold finishing and assembly ... we manage the production all the way through."

Besides looking good, a perfume cap needs to stand up to contact with oils and other fragrance ingredients. The chemical resistance of Surlyn® helps the resin succeed in many environments where other plastics may soften or discolor and fail.

"It's tough against chemicals, and virtually unbreakable," notes Bigotte. "With caps molded of Surlyn® , you can drop the cap on a bathroom floor or countertop and not have to worry about chipped tiles or broken glass."

DuPont manufactures more than 25 molding grades of its Surlyn® brand resins, including grades such as Surlyn® PC100, quality controlled to deliver unmatched glass-like clarity. Other grades are available for applications such as automotive fascia and sporting goods, which also benefit from the material's excellent toughness and processing advantages versus alternative materials.

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