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DuPont™ Surlyn®

Plays of transparency in Surlyn® PC 2000 for Cindy Crawford fragance by Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

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Application Description

In Germany, the perfumer Cosmopolitan Cosmetics has just launched 'Cindy Crawford', a rich and complex fragance designed for women who live active, multi-dimensional lives, like the top model.
In order to express the pure, modern, elegant and feminine spirit of this fragance, formulated in accordance with her image, Cindy wanted "a simple and clear bottle, nothing complicated." The round bottle is a sleek, chic shape made to fit in the hand, and its design is a subtle play of clear and frosted glass that enhances the pale apricot color of the content.
The cap, injection molded in DuPont Surlyn® PC 2000 by MT Packaging, is a perfect extension of the glass bottle, alternating glossy and matt surfaces. Apart form its cristal clear transparency, the DuPont ionomer resin is also much appreciated for its ability to be given a frosted finish directly by the molding process. Therefore, matt and shiny finishes have been obtained in a single operation, avoiding the cost of post-finishing. Moreover, the clipping detents are perfectly and evenly molded in Surlyn®, and can withstand weights from 1 to 3 kg. Surlyn® PC 2000 has enabled the molder to offer a high quality aesthetic and functional piece of work.