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DuPont™ Surlyn®

Polymer Modification

Surlyn® resins are ethylene methacrylic acid (E/MAA) copolymers in which part of the methacrylic acid is neutralized with metal ions such as zinc (Zn) or sodium (Na). The resulting polymer structure has three regions: amorphous polymer, crystalline polymer, and ionic clusters.

Surlyn® resins can be used in adhesion promotion, toughening and polymer compatibilizing, with functionality influenced by the comonomer content, acid neutralization level (ion clusters), type of metal ion (sodium or zinc), and termonomer content. (The termonomer is an acrylate with low glass transition temperature (Tg) and is optional.)

Polymer modification roles for Surlyn® include:

  • Promoting adhesion to metals
  • PA adhesion promotion
  • PA toughening
  • PET crystallization aid
  • PA/PE compatibilizing

A much deeper technical review of Surlyn® and other DuPont resins used for polymer modification can be found at