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New "Easy Open" Feature for Stretch Pak Offers Convenience Plus Quality of DuPont™ Surlyn®

Easy Open package is an important value-adding feature for visual carded packaging

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Witko, Incorporated of Reynolds, Indiana, recently introduced a new feature for Stretch Pak packages that makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to open them. Calling it the "Easy Open" package, Witko president Wayne Ringer designed this unique development to enhance the characteristics of the popular Stretch Pak package.

"This patent-pending design," explains Ringer, "lets the consumer open the package easily without the need for a knife or scissors. At the same time, the Easy Open feature does not affect the tamper resistance of Stretch Pak packages-so we can ultimately please the consumer, the manufacturer, and the retailer. What's more, our Easy Open feature can be incorporated into any Stretch Pak style of package with little or no decrease in the rate of production."

Film of Surlyn® has good clarity and the durability needed to protect the product during shipping, while still offering easy accessibility to the consumer through the Easy Open feature.

Ringer points out that the integrity and quality of the new package structure is dependent on film of DuPont™ Surlyn® resin "Film of Surlyn® has good clarity and the durability needed to protect the product during shipping, while still offering easy accessibility to the consumer through the Easy Open feature."

Easy Open Feature a Major Factor in Jergens' Decision to Use Stretch Pak

The new Easy Open feature was first adopted by The Andrew Jergens Company for its Curel® Skin Healing Stick. One of the manufacturer's key concerns for this new product was easy accessibility for consumers. Witko representatives demonstrated the Easy Open feature for Jergens as an alternative to the traditional Stretch Pak design. Says Witko vice president of marketing and sales Dale Ringer, "Our new Easy Open feature was a major influencing factor in Jergens' decision to go with Stretch Pak for its new product."

The product is highlighted on a windowed card of 18-point SBS board using film of DuPont™ Surlyn®. The patent-pending design, process, and equipment for creating the Easy Open package utilize an innovative technique to ensure that the customer can open the product with minimal effort.

Easy Open Package Represents Important Value-Adding Feature

The new Stretch Pak package was test marketed in March 1999, then introduced nationally in September. Burt Spottiswoode, marketing development manager for DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers, explains that DuPont conducted a focus group study using a package with the Easy Open feature to determine the packaging preferences of typical consumers.

"Everyone in the focus group was in favor of the feature and thought it was great," says Spottiswoode. "As consumers, they all agreed that they would purchase this package over one without an Easy Open feature for two reasons: greater convenience and safety."

The Ringers both agree that the Easy Open package represents an important value-adding feature for the future of visual carded packaging. Says Dale Ringer, "Having a product with an Easy Open package is important enough in the consumer market that a couple of large corporations have already committed to using it for their products."

Arthritis Foundation Endorses New Package

Although everyone will appreciate the Easy Open Stretch Pak package, this feature is especially attractive to senior citizens and others who suffer from arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation recently gave the new packaging feature a favorable review for its potential for "improving the accessibility and easeof use for the nearly 43 million Americans with arthritis."Says Dale Ringer, "Something that manufacturers should keep in mind is that when choosing a product, seniors are generally very loyal once they find one they like. With the senior population expected to more than double in the next 25-30 years, this represents a huge potential market for manufacturers who cater to their needs."

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