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DuPont™ Surlyn®

DuPont™ Surlyn® Thick Wall Bottle technology challenges traditional glass applications

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Bad Homburg, February 2005 - - Striking decorative effects for luxury packaging that are impossible to achieve with glass are now within reach, thanks to DuPont's new Thick Wall Bottle (TWB) technology. The result of a co-development programme between DuPont and Cheun Kyung of South Korea, the Thick Wall Bottle technology provides innovative aesthetics, outstanding functional performance and possibilities to optimise manufacturing costs.
Based on DuPont™ Surlyn®, widely known for its exceptional transparency, durability and resilience, TWB technology offers designers new creative potential and opens up new market opportunities for producers of luxury packaging. "This technology enables manufacturers of extrusion and co-extrusion blow-molded containers, such as jars and bottles, to combine an inner layer compatible with the contents with an outer layer that optimises appearance and performance benefits, such as safety," says Michel Decodts, Global Development Manager, DuPont Cosmetic Solutions.
"The technology can employ mono- or multi-layer Surlyn®, or combinations of Surlyn® with other materials, such as polypropylene, polyethylene or EVOH, to name a few, to achieve desired barrier performance. The inner layer offers more design freedom, allowing the creation of visual effects that are extremely difficult to achieve at an acceptable cost in glass or in a mono-layer extrusion blow-molded thermoplastic material.
Examples of DuPont's Thick Wall Bottle technology on view at Luxe Pack 2004 demonstrate some of the visual and tactile effects that can be achieved in a single molding operation: transparency, translucency, opacity and intriguing layering of two or more colors.  "In all cases, Surlyn® makes the difference," Mr. Decodts explains. "The thicker the outer wall, the more closely it resembles glass." 
In addition to producing exciting new visual effects, Thick Wall Bottle technology benefits from the many other advantages of Surlyn®, which more and more leading cosmetic companies have come to appreciate. These include dimensional stability and tolerance, freedom from breakage, resistance to chipping and marring, light weight and a sensual touch.
The DuPont's Thick Wall Bottle technology is used under licence by Crown Raku GmbH  of Rastatt, Germany  and by HCP Packaging Co., Ltd.  of Shanghai, China.  Additional commercial and technical information is available from DuPont representatives worldwide.

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DuPont's new Thick Wall Bottle (TWB) technology offers more design freedom, allowing the creation of visual effects that are extremely difficult to achieve at an acceptable cost in glass.