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Clean Technologies - Solutions for Clean Air and Clean Fuel

Through our science and engineering-based Clean Technologies portfolio, we deliver a broad range of products, licensed technologies and services that ultimately help companies to increase profitability and reduce their environmental footprint while better focusing on their core business. Our experts create tailored solutions that help to formulate cleaner fuels or reduce particulate, SOx, NOx, or sulphur emissions.

BELCO ® Clean Air Technologies

Clean_Air_ScrubberFor over 30 years, BELCO ® Clean Air Technologies have customised and delivered reliable, integrated systems and products to help refining businesses worldwide grow while remaining compliant with environmental regulations and clean air standards.  We offer a variety of solutions for SOx and NOx reduction, and particulate control, and acid gas and mist removal across a wide range of applications. Our extensive leadership, science and technology resources can help your operations remain at peak efficiency.
We offer the following: EDV ® Wet Scrubbing Systems, LABSORB™ Regenerative SO2, Wet Scrubbing Systems, Shell Global Solutions Third and Fourth Stage Separators (TSS and FSS), Advanced Semi-Dry Scrubbing, Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
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STRATCO ® Alkylation Technology and H2SO4 Management
H2SO4_AlkylationWe offer 70 years of experience in alkylation development, licensing, engineering and equipment fabrication—including over 600 reactors installed throughout the world. Our full range of support systems take your business from conceptual planning, basic design, start-up assistance, troubleshooting, and pilot-plant testing, to mechanical field and analytical services, spare part replacement, continuous acid analysis, and ongoing research and development for continuous process improvement.
We provide petroleum refineries and petrochemical facilities with Effluent Refrigerated H2SO4 Technology, H2SO4 alkylation services and if required conversion from HF catalysed Alkylation to H2SO4 technology for refineries where onsite and particularly offsite risk is a concern using either STRATCO ® technology or a more fundamental approach.
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Global Engineered Solutions and Sulphuric Acid Expertise
Sulphuric_Acid_ServicesToday’s refining market is more competitive than ever—and as refineries continue to expand and overhaul their facilities, we have increased the range of products and services we offer for sulphuric acid alkylation units, sulphuric acid plants, and sulphuric acid storage/handling/transfer systems. We now offer an extremely comprehensive range of products and services to meet your company’s needs at every stage of the process.
DuPont Alkylation offers a large range of services: unit design and performance review (TEAM Study), effluent treating system design and performance review, test run and existing alkylation unit simulation and consulting services.
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IsoTherming ® Hydroprocessing Technology
Isotherming_HydroprocessingDuPont IsoTherming ® hydroprocessing technology is an alternative to traditional desulphurisation methods for ultra low sulphur diesel - a commercially proven breakthrough process that gives petroleum refiners a more economical and flexible means to produce today’s ultra low sulphur transportation fuels. IsoTherming ® technology streamlines the reaction process by providing hydrogen through a saturated liquid recycle stream that eliminates the need for a recycle gas compressor and associated equipment—making the flow through the reactor a single, liquid phase. The hydro-treated liquid recycle stream also acts as a heat sink, resulting in lower temperature rise and therefore less unwanted cracking, less coking, reduced light-ends make, reduced maintenance, and increased catalyst life. The IsoTherming ® approach has attractive benefits to a refiner, including lower total investment, reduced equipment delivery times, and configuration flexibility.
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MECS ® Sulphuric Acid and Environmental Technologies
MECS_Sulphuric_Acid_Plant_DesignMECS ®, a fully-owned subsidiary of DuPont, is the global leader in sulphuric acid process technology and related high performance products for the phosphate fertilizer, oil refining and metal smelting industries. A wide range of complementary and proprietary technologies for gas heat exchangers and other specialised air pollution equipment form a strong, diversified portfolio to ensure that our clients’ facilities are able to operate more profitably with minimised environmental footprint, energy consumption and risk.
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