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In recent years, advances in science and technology have allowed us to carve a more sustainable future. However, numerous destabilising factors inhibit progress toward sustainability: persistent toxic pollution; declining biodiversity; climate change; security threats; and rising poverty rates.  In spite of these challenges, companies continue to succeed when sustainability is utilised as a main driver of growth.

This evolving context has multiple implications for industry. Pressures such as new regulatory regimes and variable energy supply and price are changing not only modes of production, but also the marketplace. Consumers are more focused on environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and companies, creating strong value propositions for those businesses that can differentiate themselves through a strong commitment to sustainability.

At DuPont, we believe that the creation of shareholder and societal value and reduction of the footprint - defined as injuries, illnesses, incidents, waste, emissions, use of water and depletable forms of raw materials and energy - is achieved by having a clear vision, strong management commitment and a comprehensive implementation strategy. While DuPont has long been a global leader in safety and health, we have made substantial progress toward reducing our footprint: from 1990 to present, the frequency of major incidents was reduced by 90% and Greenhouse Gas emissions were reduced by 72%*. Furthermore, production was increased by 21% during this period.

The foundation of our approach is a methodology based on a cultural values behavioural model derived from DuPont’s own experience as an owner/operator, its strong record of continuous footprint reduction, and its success in redefining its own business model around a sustainability strategy. We tailor this model to the specific needs of our clients, with the goal of driving sustainable growth by delivering increased value to shareholders and stakeholders alike, and reducing the client’s environmental risk. The implementation of this customised planning begins at the corporate level, and then moves to the business unit level, delivering an enduring process that ensures the organisation can sustain and build upon achieved goals. The result is an integrated company-wide management system that improves the return on environmental investment and accelerates progress towards sustainability goals.

* 60% excluding INVISTA

Sustainability through Environmental Management

Sustainability_Environmental_ManagementOur sustainability consultants address the widening array of risks related to cost volatility, competition, regulations and public and investor expectations that drive businesses to improve environmental performance. They work with organisations to move beyond a simple corporate vision and isolated corporate social responsibility projects, instead integrating environmental planning within the framework of their business to reduce costs, effectively compete, attract investments and strengthen engagement with key stakeholders. Our environmental management methodologies deliver early results while simultaneously allowing an organisation to develop the strong management structures, processes and competencies needed to sustain and build upon its goals.
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Sustainability through Energy Management and Energy Efficiency
Sustainability_Energy_ManagementOver the course of its 209 year history, DuPont has developed and maintained a compilation of best practices in energy management that are utilised across its global operations. These best practices represent an extensive, proprietary collection of technical and management guidelines and performance criteria for operating, controlling and maintaining energy-intensive plant systems at top efficiency. This specialised knowledge has allowed DuPont to reduce energy use by 19% across its facilities worldwide since 1990, resulting in US$5 billion in cumulate savings.
Our energy management experts leverage this knowledge to help clients to implement customised energy management systems that combine process and operational improvements with cultural change, thus maximising results. They work with clients to assess, rate and prioritize energy savings opportunities, while also forming energy-focused organisational structure and also establishing strong managing processes to optimise the outcome and minimise the investment. We are currently working with companies in multiple industries, including oil and gas, mining and metal processing as well as chemical manufacturing.
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Sustainability through Asset Productivity
Sustainability_ProductivityDuPont defines asset productivity as a process for extracting the maximum value from an operating asset base – people, materials and investment – resulting in increased fixed-cost productivity. We can help our clients to increase their asset efficiencies and realise increased profitability through our proven change processes and by implementing our world-class work management processes, results-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs) and industry recognised best practices and standards.
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