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DuPont is proud to participate at GLOBE 2012 events. Highlighted below are the sessions, participants and the schedule.


Opening Plenary :

Building a Greener Economy through InnovationThe worldwide transition to a greener economy is underway. The GLOBE 2012 Opening Plenary will focus on Innovation and its role in driving sustainability. Join an elite roster of business and government leaders at the Opening Plenary which will set the stage for GLOBE 2012.

DuPont Participant:
Jim Weigand, President, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Other Participants:
  • John Wiebe, President and CEO, Globe Foundation
  • Steve Williams, President and Chief Operating Officer, Suncor Energy Inc., Canada
Driving the Corporate Sustainability Agenda
Who’s driving your sustainability agenda forward? Implementing sustainability across an organization requires an extensive skill set: technical knowledge and a deep understanding of environmental issues, an ability to develop longer-term, innovative strategies, and an ability to implement “green” solutions that span the length, breadth, and depth of the entire company. Hear from the Chief Sustainability Officers of some of the world’s largest organizations as they discuss diverse strategies and tactics required for driving the corporate sustainability agenda forward. 

DuPont Participant:
Linda Fisher
, Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, DuPont, USA

Other Participants:
  • Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, Director, Interface Inc., USA
  • Kevin Anton, Chief Sustainability Officer, Alcoa, USA
  • Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist,
    Microsoft Corporation, USA
  • Scott Wicker, Vice President of Corporate Plant
    Engineering & Chief Sustainability Officer, UPS Inc.,
People Power: Improving Performance through a Corporate Culture of Sustainability Leadership
Are you making the most of your most important asset? Leaders and managers who inspire and engage their employees are more likely to realize the full potential of their workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximizing business performance. Hear from companies who are successfully using their leadership in sustainability initiatives to attract, motivate, and retain talent, and as a result, are improving company performance and sales and getting a leg up on the competition.

DuPont Participant:
Simon Herriott
, Global Managing Director of Consulting, DuPont Sustainable Solutions,USA

Other Participants:
  • Ann Duffy, Principal, The Ann Duffy Group, Canada (Moderator)
  • Daniel Hendrix, Chairman, President & CEO, Interface Inc., USA
  • Jean Oelwang, CEO, Virgin Unite, UK
  • Brigitta Witt, Vice President for Corporate Responsibility, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, USA
Energy Efficiency and Alternative Power: Innovative Approaches for Business
As new technologies emerge and become increasingly cost competitive, many companies are taking aggressive steps to improve their energy efficiency and find new, alternative forms of energy to power their business operations. How are companies financing these shifts and what is the ROI on the efforts? Hear from companies who are minimizing the business risks surrounding a reliance on fossil-fuels by adopting innovative approaches to energy efficiency and power use.

DuPont Participant:

Chris Smith
, Global Practice Director, Energy Efficiency, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, USA

Other Participants:
  • John Viera, Director of Sustainability & Vehicle Environmental Matters, Ford Motor Company, USA
  • Lorie Wigle, General Manager, Eco-Technology Program Office, Intel Corporation & President, Climate Savers Computing Initiative, USA 
Next Generation Biofuels: Driving the Development of a Lower Carbon Economy
Worldwide biofuel production continues to grow as new uses are found within the heat, power, and transportation sectors. As such, 2nd and 3rd generation biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel from algae, are set to take an increasing share of the global energy mix. But what are the risks and impacts of a growing usage of biofuels in terms of pricing, access to feed stocks, and overall reductions or increases in greenhouse gas emissions? What technologies are set to capitalize on the opportunities? This session will explore the role that next generation biofuels will play in driving the development of a lower carbon economy.

DuPont Participant:

James Collins
, President, DuPont Industrial Biosciences, USA

Other Participants:
  • Nigel Warren, Consul-General & Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Australia, USA (Moderator)
  • Geoffrey Bell, CEO, Microbiogen, Australia
  • Marie-Hélène Labrie, Executive Vice President, Government Relations, Enerkem, Canada
Women's Networking Luncheon
Join conference delegates for an interactive luncheon with a panel of influential women as they share their perspectives on sustainability. 

DuPont Participant:
Dawn Rittenhouse
, Corporate Director, Sustainability