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Knowledge Is Key to Growth

DuPont News, May 4, 2011  

DuPont Services Center India for knowledge managementKnowledge management is about getting the right information to the right people at the right time, and a comprehensive knowledge management capability is essential to the success of DuPont Sustainable Solutions and its clients.

On April 28, at a special event in Hyderabad, India, the business launched the DSS Center for Knowledge Management (CKM). Staffed initially by a team of 22 people led by Subbarao Machiraju, the center will be responsible for the collection, cataloging, refreshing and sharing of DSS knowledge, content and expertise.

"Our vision of a knowledge center becomes reality today,” said DSS president Jim Weigand, one of more than 60 people attending the event. “The center will facilitate excellence in collaboration, Jim Weigand at India center for knowledge managementcommunication and innovation, and help us differentiate ourselves in the marketplace."

Located at the DuPont Services Center India (DSCI), the CKM will be used by DSS sales representatives, marketing groups, project management staff and client-facing teams.  Initially it will serve the DSS Safety Resources and Sustainable Operations practices.  Clean Technologies and Training Solutions will be incorporated later.

Its staff will help improve the effectiveness, consistency and efficiency of the overall business by ensuring that up-to-date, impactful content is available; providing client and market research and proposal support; and collecting best practices so DSS continuously improves its effectiveness at client engagements.

inside the India center for knowledge management“The center is another significant step in our journey to becoming a leading knowledge services hub,” said DuPont South Asia president Balvinder Kalsi. “Knowledge will be the key to our sustained future growth, and I am confident the team will do an outstanding job in establishing this facility as a center of excellence for knowledge management.”

DSS India business leader K Ganesh said it was a “wonderful experience and opportunity to convert the DSS leadership's vision to reality. It is a good reflection of the energy, passion, commitment and, above all, the teamwork exhibited by DuPont Services Center India and DuPont Sustainable Solutions."