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DuPont MATRx™ EOR Technologies:
A Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) Technology

DuPont has demonstrated that MATRx™ EOR Technologies can improve the recovery of oil in existing wells with very low capital investment, low operating costs, and a greatly reduced environmental footprint.  Through its science-based Clean Technologies portfolio, DuPont offers a unique MEOR technology to oil exploration and production companies across the globe.

DuPont MATRx™ EOR Technologies:
Releasing Science, Recovering Oil

In the DuPont MATRx™ EOR Technologies approach to MEOR, a customized combination of microbes and nutrients is selected for the reservoir to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and assure the greatest efficacy across a wide range of reservoir conditions.  Improved sweep efficiency by bio-plugging of high permeable zones is the mechanism that has yielded the most success in the field.

A second and complementary mechanism, which has shown much promise in the field and in lab tests, generates additional oil production by reducing residual oil saturation. In this mechanism, the microbes produce a surface wetting agent that improves the relative permeability of the oil at low oil saturations and ultimately reduces the residual oil saturation.  No oil-in-water emulsions are created since there is no impact on the oil-water interfacial tension. For more information, visit our FAQ page.

Distinguishing Factors 


DuPont Research

From years of extensive field research and MEOR implementation. DuPont has gained valuable insights into the inoculation and feeding of microbes in an oil reservoir at a scale needed to support commercial implementation.  Factors addressed to ensure effectiveness of the treatment include:

  • Assuring that the treatments do not bypass the reservoir,
  • Assuring that the reservoir is not blinded by the inoculation, and
  • Understanding the effects of common oil field chemicals, including biocides and corrosion inhibitors
  • Developing a proprietary injection protocol to prevent well bore fouling.

Production data from this research has shown a change in the oil recovery decline curve, resulting in a significant increase in oil rate and a corresponding decrease in water cut.

Ongoing research examines the appropriate assessment of MEOR for a given application.  Prior to potential application of MEOR, rigorous evaluation of the reservoir must be performed, to include assessing -

  1. The unique aspects of each production area,
  2. The nature of the oil, water, formation matrix, and
  3. The background microbial population and their complex interactions.

DuPont's MATRx™ EOR Technologies approach to MEOR of
Sample --> Assess --> Inoculate --> Feed
is unique in the industry and is built upon years of fundamental research and development.  MATRx™ system is backed by sound science, is simple and low cost to implement, and increases the oil recovery from wells under waterflood.