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Tedlar® PVF Films

Solar Energy Applications

Weathering, moisture and UV resistance

Tedlar® PVF films give solar panels the ability to resist weathering, moisture and UV raysDuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films provide 30+ years of proven durability and reliability for solar modules exposed to the harshest outdoor conditions. Tedlar® based backsheets provide critical, long-life protection to the module, safeguarding the system and enabling long-term PV system returns.

Tedlar® Offers Optimal Balance of Properties 

  • Weatherability
  • Robust adhesion
  • Mechanical strength
  • Ultraviolet and chemical resistance

Typical Applications: Solar module backsheets 

  • Double-sided: Tedlar® TPT™ based backsheet: Proven industry standard; used in premium, high efficiency modules and in harsh climates
  • Single-sided: Tedlar® TPE based backsheet: Offers the best balance of properties in single-sided backsheets for general-purpose applications

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