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Tedlar® PVF Films

Transfer Printing Applications

Excellent printability and clean release

Transfer printing applications for Tedlar® filmsDuPont™ Tedlar® release films are ideal for transfer printing because they offer excellent printability and release cleanly from rubber and metal tubing during steam curing of rubber hoses and fan belts.

Tedlar® films can retain toughness through aggressive cycles, and offer excellent thermal stability to resist embrittlement and degradation at processing temperatures up to 190°C (374°).

For many companies, Tedlar® films have become the material of choice over triacetate and other materials because of their ability to withstand moisture and higher temperatures.

Tedlar® films are available in all popular transfer printing sizes, including nominal thicknesses of 1 mil, 1.5 mil and 2.0 mil and widths up to 72 in.