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DuPont Helps Simplify Cable Selection and Reduce Network Risk

Wilmington, Del., January 12, 2005

To offer a new, higher level of cable fire safety, DuPont has introduced DuPont-certified limited combustible cables. With the cost of IT network downtime measured in millions of dollars per hour, damage to a company's network from smoke and fire can be catastrophic.

The new DuPont-certified cables reduce smoke up to 20 times more than conventional, code- compliant plenum cables, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic equipment, such as those found in LANs and data centers.

"Many network managers do not fully understand the safety risks associated with conventional data communications cabling in protecting their employees and vital systems," said Pat Lindner, global business manager, DuPont Communications Cabling Solutions.

"In the event of a fire, DuPont-certified cable's low smoke and flame performance greatly reduces network equipment's vulnerability to smoke damage, which is by far the leading cause of the damage to electronics. Lower smoke generation, importantly, also facilitates easier employee evacuation," Pat said.

DuPont-certified cables offer the best available cable fire safety performance because the insulation and jacket are made with materials specifically engineered to reduce smoke and flame.

Two leading innovators in communications cabling, DuPont and AlphaGary, have joined forces to make this new technology possible. The cables' primary wires are insulated with DuPont™ Teflon® FEP and the jacket is made with Smokeguard FP® with Teflon®, from AlphaGary.

DuPont-certified cables are currently available from BerkTek/Nexans, Belden CDT (Belden IBDN and Mohawk brands) and The Siemon Company. For information, contact DuPont at 800-207-0756 or visit Communications Cabling Solutions.