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Teflon® NXT

Manufacturing components of Teflon® is easier and more efficient than ever before, thanks to the high-strength welding and thermoforming capabilities of Teflon® NXT. Machining time and scrap losses can be cut because components are built up from smaller parts rather than machined from large billets.

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Teflon® NXT 70

This resin offers weldability, improved resistance to deformation under load, increased resistance to permeation of chemicals, and a higher dielectric breakdown voltage.

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Teflon® NXT 75

This resin provides a high degree of weldability for applications where the use of elevated pressure and temperature are limited.

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Teflon® NXT 85

Chemically modified free-flow granular molding resin can be converted to parts by isostatic, billet, and sheet molding methods, as well as ram extrusion.
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