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Altamira, Mexico
Located in the southern part of Tamaulipas, Mexico, the Altamira site has produced TiO2 since 1960. In 1974, new technology provided greater application diversity for coatings customers. In 1986, DuPont increased its role from commercial partner to owner of the site. The following year, the site completed a global quality project, expanding to serve Coatings markets in Latin America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The Plant also now provides grades for the paper and laminates markets.
Altamira, Mexico


DeLisle, Mississippi, USA
The DuPont DeLisle site is located on the wooded north shore of the Bay of St. Louis, where 1,000 acres on the site are maintained as a wildlife habitat. Since 1979 the site has grown to 570 DuPont employees and 400 contract employees, and has achieved an impressive production rate. This makes DeLisle one of the largest TiO2 plants in the world.
DeLisle, Mississippi


Edgemoor, Delaware, USA
Situated on land once owned by William Penn, the Edgemoor site has been a working farm, an iron mill that produced the Brooklyn Bridge girders, a creative retreat for F. Scott Fitzgerald when he started writing Tender is the Night, and finally, a DuPont white pigment plant.
Edgemoor, Delaware


Johnsonville, Tennessee, USA
The New Johnsonville site is located on a 1,500-acre National Wildlife Habitat, next to Kentucky Lake and the Tennessee River. Titanium dioxide production has increased by 800% since production began in 1959.
Johnsonville, Tennessee


Kuan Yin, Taiwan
The Kuan Yin site is the newest DuPont TiO2 manufacturing facility. Located about 30 miles west of Taipei, the 28-hectare plant started up in 1994 and has nearly doubled its capacity for today's customers in Taiwan and throughout Asia.
Kuan Yin, Taiwan


Starke, Florida, USA
Since 1949, DuPont has extracted heavy minerals from its only domestic U.S. mining operation-the Florida Plant located along the Trail Ridge sands east of Starke, Florida.
Starke, Florida