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Architectural Coatings - Interior

Interior Flat Architectural Coatings

Ti-Pure® R-931
R-931 is highly recommended for above critical PVC (Pigment Volume Concentration) formulas. R-931 has been proven in lab studies and in commercial use to deliver the highest coverage and tint strength in those paints containing high extender loadings and TiO2 levels. R-931 has high levels of Alumina and Silica. These oxides are found as small spacer particles that keep the TiO2 well separated in crowded paint systems. This optimizes the scattering efficiency of the TiO2 and provides the highest hiding power, tint strength and whiteness in these systems.

Ti-Pure® R-902+
As a multi-purpose pigment, R-902+ performs well in flat and enamel paints and is recommended for both interior and exterior applications.

Interior Gloss Architectural Coatings

Ti-Pure® R-900
For high gloss applications where durability is not needed, R-900 is highly recommended. R-900 has high TiO2 content and provides good hiding power for these applications.

Ti-Pure® R-706
R-706 is also recommended for interior, gloss architectural coatings. R-706 provides excellent gloss properties, ease of dispersion and superior hiding power.

Interior Semi-gloss Architectural Coatings

Ti-Pure® R-902+
R-902+ is highly recommended for interior semi-gloss coatings especially eggshell or satin finishes). R-902+ is a multi-purpose grade that performs well in interior and exterior applications. R-902+ will easily disperse in alkyd or waterborne coatings and provides a good balance of gloss vs. durability.  

Ti-Pure® R-706
R-706 is also recommended in interior semi-gloss coatings. R-706 provides high gloss and high durability if the application requires this type of performance.