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Structure Types

A choice of "hard" or "soft" structure types for a wide range of applications

Spunbonded Olefin is produced in “hard” and “soft” structure types. Type 10, a “hard,” area-bonded product, is a smooth, stiff nondirectional paper-like substrate with good printability in both sheet and roll form.

Types 14 and 16 are “soft,” point-bonded products with an embossed pattern, providing a fabric-like flexible substrate with good printability and tear resistance. Like Type 10, they have high opacity, excellent whiteness and good surface stability. Sewing, gluing, and, to a limited extent, ultrasonic seaming and heat sealing may be used in fabricating these styles.

Type 14 styles are used where barrier, durability and breathability are required. They offer excellent splash and dry protection against particulate matter and provide an excellent bacterial barrier. The unique low-linting properties, combined with the barrier properties, make Type 14 an excellent material for cleanroom apparel in pharmaceutical manufacture and electronic device assembly.

Type 16 styles are pin perforated with 5-20 mil (0.13-0.51 mm) holes, giving them much higher air and moisture permeability, additional softness, and greater flexibility and drape than Type 14 styles, but at the expense of lower tear strength and barrier properties. Type 16 styles, when fabricated into garments, have higher air permeability at the expense of barrier properties. Typically, Type 16 styles are used in disposable, general purpose industrial garments, bags and packaging.