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*    Specification Property (controlled to aim and released within specs)
**  In general, these styles can be used in direct food contact applications where the temperatures do  not exceed 150°F (66°C), and with some types of foods, the temperatures may reach 212°F
(100°C). Please contact us if you require more information.
*** A modified version of this style is used in this application. Please click on the application link
above for more information.


  • All properties are typical values based on roll average except for thickness, which is based
    on individual test results; conduct your own tests to ensure consistency.
  • MD is Machine Direction / CD is Cross Direction.
  • "Type 10" styles have a smooth, stiff, paper-like sheet structure, ideal for top-quality
    printing and packaging. "Type 14" styles have a softer, fabric-like sheet structure suitable
    for sewn bags and many specialty applications. "Type 16" styles have a perforated, soft, drapable sheet structure with high air permeability, ideal for a wide variety of bagging and packaging applications.
  • For all styles with antistat, the log of the electrical resistivity has a maximum roll average of 9.8 ohms/square (at 55% relative humidity, smooth and rough side).