Achieve optimal airtightness and long-term performance

The Tyvek® range of accessories has been developed to complement and enhance Tyvek® building envelope solutions. The adhesive tapes and sealants are specially designed for use with Tyvek® membranes to help reducing uncontrolled air leakages.

Tyvek® UV Facade Tape

Black single sided acrylic tape with high UV resistance and excellent bonding properties.   » More
DuPont™ Universal Sealant
Polyurethane (PU) sealant for all DuPont membrane overlaps, wood, PVC, concrete, brick/block and most plastics.  » More
Tyvek® Double-sided Tape
This transparent double-sided acrylic tape is ideal for sealing overlaps and adhering to smooth surfaces.  » More
Tyvek® Tape
Single sided tape for sealing laps and making good around penetrations, pipework and roof windows.   » More
Tyvek® Butyl Tape
A double sided butyl based tape for sealing at laps, perimeters, chimneys, abutments and bonding the membrane to a Tyvek® Eaves Carrier. » More
Tyvek® Metallised Tape
Single sided reflective tape for sealing laps in Tyvek® Enercor® wall membrane. » More
Tyvek® Eaves Carrier
Preformed black semi-rigid eaves protection sheet installed over the fascia board under-lapping the Tyvek® membrane. » More