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Why Tyvek®?

For over 40 years Tyvek® breather membranes have offered a leading global solution for the protection of buildings from climatic conditions and the effects of condensation.
As an underlay DuPont™ Tyvek® acts like a windbreaker; it resists to wind- and air infiltration, as well as water intrusion and helps to create a more comfortable, and energy-efficient building.

Moisture management and protection from the external elements

Minimises air and water ingress, whilst allowing moisture to migrate freely and safely into the atmosphere as required in Building Regulations/Standards(Tyvek® high vapour permeability). Helps minimise condensation to protect the building structure, preserve the integrity of the insulation material and thus its performance and provides a healthy indoor climate.
Energy efficiency
Helps to reduce energy loss due to uncontrolled air infiltration (Tyvek® air tightness). The new generation of metallised membranes reflect the heat inside the building during winter leading to increased energy savings (Tyvek® low emissivity). Helps to minimize CO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption.
Tyvek® membranes control the movement of heat, air and moisture in a building by minimising air leakage and therefore allowing greater environmental control to the occupants. The new generation of metallised membranes helps to reflect external heat during the summer.
Building regulations compliance
Tyvek® membranes help to satisfy items a, b & c of Approved Document C(2) for England & Wales and Sections 3.10 and 3.15.4 of The Scottish Building Standards – Resistance to moisture/Precipitation and Interstitial condensation. Tyvek® membranes also assist in satisfying Approved Document L for England & Wales and Section 6.2.5 of the Scottish Building Standards – Air permeability/Air infiltration. Tyvek® metallised membranes further assist in Part L and Section 6.2 compliance by improving thermal performance.
Technical support
Experts available to offer detailed technical assistance and advice as well as U-value and condensation risk calculations.
Certified and durable materials
UV and heat stability ensure long term performance. CE marking and warranties available. In the event of a fire, Tyvek® membranes will not give off any harmful gasses.
Easy to use, quick installation & compatible
Tyvek® products are compatible with most building materials. Conveniently sized rolls are lightweight and easy to handle. No need to install vents - just lay the membrane, batten and tile, that’s it!