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Federal Express: Absolutely, positively guaranteed delivery

Although you may not know DuPont™ Tyvek® envelopes by name, you almost certainly know something about their strength from hands-on experience. Thanks to a once-tiny start-up company with a big idea.

In 1973, when Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, introduced his concept of guaranteed overnight package delivery to almost anywhere in the U.S., the idea was revolutionary. He was also staking everything on his firm's ability to "absolutely, positively" deliver on that promise. Regardless of weather. Regardless of anything.

As luck would have it, an enterprising envelope salesman calling on the company immediately grasped the enormity of their challenge. So he reached deep into his sample bag and pulled out a new and extraordinary high-performance envelope, unlike anything else: a virtually indestructible Tyvek® envelope.

The rest is history. Today, many millions of envelopes later, FedEx® has established itself as a global leader in express delivery. And the Tyvek® FedEx® Pak is one of the most familiar, most readily-identified objects in the world.