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Disc Packaging Styles

Disc Packaging made from DuPont™ Tyvek® comes in a variety of styles described below.

Single Sleeve
Provides the highest level of protection from scratches, dust and other debris for individual discs. Available with or without window and flap closure.

Double Sleeve
Holds two CDs or one CD and a booklet.




Mountable Sleeve
Mountables allow CDs to be securely mounted to books, catalogs, file folders, etc.



Fan Pac®
A unique swing-out fanfold structure for protecting multiple discs, each individually sleeved in Tyvek®. Uses less material than other multiple-disc packaging alternatives like jewel cases and paper-and-plastic folios.

Protects multiple discs individually in sleeves of Tyvek®, secured by a convenient Velcro closure. As with Fan-Pac®, it uses less material than other multiple-disc packaging.


Similar to Accord-A-Pac®, it provides the highest level of protection for multiple discs, protected within a fully-enclosed, hard shell box.


Multi-Media Mailer
1. Bubble-lined CD Mailer,
also available for
2. VHS Mailer
3. Floppy Disk Mailer



Fan Pac®, Accord-A-Pac®, and Accord-A-Box® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Information Packaging Corporation.