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Orange County, CA
Helping government documents arrive safely

"Some of the packages we send can weigh up to three pounds," says Alicia Campbell, Chief of Special Services, Public Facilities and Resource Department (PFRD) of Orange County, CA. "The paper envelopes we were using just would not protect what we put in them. They were being mutilated in the mail and returned as undeliverable. So I started to look for better packaging to support the size and weight of our documents. The high-performance protection provided by DuPont™ Tyvek® envelopes was the key to solving my larger packaging problems."

To guarantee the safe and timely delivery of its larger, heavier packages, the PFRD now uses Tyvek® three-inch Expansion Envelopes instead of the 11-inch by 14-inch paper envelopes it had been using.

PFRD is one very busy department. It provides, operates and maintains public facilities; administers county-wide flood protection; provides recreational facilities; manages historical and natural resources; enforces state-mandated agricultural and pesticide regulations; and certifies commercial weighing devices. PFRD also constructs and maintains road systems; maintains and repairs county buildings; manages the fleet of county vehicles; manages large construction projects; and provides printing and bindery services.

What's the in-house reaction to Tyvek® envelopes? Extremely positive, to say the least. According to Campbell, "I circulated a few to the various departments and everyone started coming back asking for more."