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Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
Bringing crowds to the beach

Attracting an estimated 13.5 million visitors every year, Myrtle Beach, SC, is one of North America’s top vacation spots. To keep its tourist business thriving, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce launches a marketing program each year that features a comprehensive vacation guide for visitors.

According to John Whittington, Manager of Information Services, the Chamber spends almost $1 million a year for its vacation guide and mails it in a packet with maps, coupons and resort brochures that can tip the scale at 3-5 pounds. But for many years a significant number of guides would never reach their intended recipients, representing both wasted money and lost marketing opportunities.

After consulting with supplier Curtis 1000 in Charlotte, NC, Whittington chose a 10- by 13-inch booklet style DuPont™ Tyvek® envelope to ship the packet. "The main reason for switching to Tyvek® envelopes was to protect our product," said Whitington. "Our vacation guide is an important marketing tool for the Myrtle Beach area and we want it to arrive in perfect condition. Tyvek® envelopes help us meet this goal."

In the six years since he selected Tyvek® envelopes, Whittington reports he hasn’t had a single packet returned due to a damaged envelope.

Tyvek® envelopes not only provide unbeatable protection and durability, they accept ink well and make for a visually appealing presentation. And they’re easy to work with. They’re compatible with auto-insertion equipment and inkjet technologies and because every Tyvek® envelope is remarkably light, they help keep shipping costs down.