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La Poste

An ever-expanding envelopes offering

DuPont™ Tyvek® envelopes are becoming an increasingly popular choice of many postal operators because they help contribute to growing the revenue stream, by offering value-added products and services. What’s more, their light weight helps lower operating costs due to keeping mail volumes below weight thresholds and by assuring that mail arrives securely wherever the destination.

In 1991, the French Post Office “La Poste” introduced DuPont™ Tyvek® envelopes in the Distingo range as a mailing solution for courier packaging, pre-stamped postal offerings and two-way pre-stamped mailers. In 1995, the French Post Office launched "Le Poste Livre", a smartly-decorated postage-paid envelope made of DuPont™ Tyvek®,  to coincide with “Le Temps des Livres”, an annual book event throughout France. More than 17,000 post offices and 1,200 bookshops sell  this Tyvek® envelope. It is perfect for the specialized market of transporting books via the postal service since it is lightweight yet strong, and both weather- and tear-resistant.

In 2002, La Poste launched the "Distingo Suivi à Bulles" a range of protective mailers specifically designed for shipping CDs, DVDs and cassettes. In 2004, La Poste improved and extended its “PostExport” pre-stamped gusset range, for international mailings weighing up to 1 and 2 Kg (need US measurements too)

The success story of La Poste and Tyvek® continues in 2008, with the launch of two Tyvek® pockets within the new "Lettre Max" range for mail weighing 20gr and 50gr (add US measurements).  The light weight of Tyvek® is a critical advantage in this application.