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Wheaton College
Surviving the most hostile environments

"We’ve been using the envelopes made of DuPont™ Tyvek® brand protective material for at least four years and they’ve made the packaging process a lot easier," says Stephanie Bemister, Assistant Director of Purchasing at Wheaton College - Wheaton, Illinois.

"Best of all, we don’t have to worry about the envelopes tearing and the contents falling out." This is an important consideration for precious documents that must travel so far - under adverse conditions - to civilization’s most remote outposts.

Each year, the college ships books to some 600 missionaries who are graduates of Wheaton and are affiliated with many different organizations. These books are a priceless commodity to the missionaries who are living and serving in faraway locations. Many of the volumes help establish libraries where none existed.

In searching for an answer to its mailing and shipping needs, Wheaton College wanted packaging strong enough to stand up to the rough treatment associated with international mailings, difficult climates and primitive "mail systems." Delivery can easily take weeks or more.

Bubble-lined Tyvek® envelopes have fit the bill on all counts. "They provide security without a lot of weight. They also take up less storage space than boxes," explains Bemister.

Wheaton even uses Tyvek® envelopes for more routine mailings. "We mail Trustees’ correspondence in Tamper-Evident Tyvek® envelopes because, often, the materials we send are confidential, and the red, Tamper-Evident strip lets our trustees know if the envelopes have been opened. They also don’t rip in mailing equipment."

As for yearbooks, the decision on what type of envelope to use is left up to the individual student. But the results of using ordinary envelopes have been predictable. "I graduated from the college myself," says Bemister, "and one year I received a yearbook in a regular envelope. It tore in the mail."