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What is it about Vivia that makes it so different from traditional sign and banner material, such as PVC?

DuPont™ Tyvek® Vivia is a recyclable media that is as versatile as PVC, but delivers a higher quality print and finishing performance.  Our customers tell us the printability is vastly superior to any other flexible media they’ve tried.  From a technical perspective, the UV inks are performing much better on Vivia when it comes to adherence and image quality.  Its white point allows the inks to really pop.  And it is recyclable like traditional Tyvek®.  Click here to learn what one happy user of Vivia had to say.


The reaction to Vivia is truly exciting.  I’m finding that selling someone on Tyvek® Vivia is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) See
Once you see how vivid and detailed graphics and photography look on wide format Tyvek® Vivia, you will not want to use anything else.

2)  Touch
Tyvek® Vivia’s felt-like matte white finish feels nothing like traditional Tyvek® or other wide format media such as PVC. Its high opacity makes it your optimal choice for two-sided indoor or outdoor applications.

3)  Want
After seeing it and touching it, the next question you’ll ask is, “How can I purchase Tyvek® Vivia?”

Click here to find your local Tyvek® distributor.

Annette Kim is Marketing Manager, Wide Format Media, DuPont Protection Technologies. Her column will be featured in imPRESSions! periodically.  Annette invites you to email your questions and comments to her at